Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Uriach Chair in Nutraceutics (CUdN) awards an annual prize for the best Master's Thesis (MT). In addition, there is also a prize for the best Final Degree Project (BT). These awards are intended as incentives to promote innovative work and excellence in the field of Nutraceuticals.

The aim of the CUdN is to promote the knowledge of Nutraceutics in the educational, professional and social spheres through the promotion of dissemination, teaching and research activities that allow the progress and development of this discipline. Therefore, one of its main objectives is the promotion and divulgation of research in the field of Nutraceutics. Within these activities, the CUdN award for the best TFM and best TFG are framed.

To participate, candidates must have presented their TFM or TFG during the previous academic year and must have a minimum grade of "B". The subject of the work must be related to food or food supplements whose ingestion produces beneficial effects on health.


These are the students awarded and their work: